We Help With Companies Most Critical Issues and Opportunities

We offer customized consulting work across all parts of the BI lifecycle.

Business Baseline Reporting -

Move from "I think we're doing…" or "My gut tells me…" to some standardized baseline reports. Let's start identifying what systems and information your organization trusts as well as what processes are working or need to be improved.

Enhancing Existing BI/ Reporting Systems -

Maybe you have some reports, but they're created manually or their reliability is questionable. Start to build a DataWarehouse to hold a trusted set of data for your company. Or enhance the system you have to be more automated or repeatable.

BI Road Mapping -

Often in our course of discovery, we find there are parts of a business that need to be improved upon before any reliable data can be gathered. We're happy to evaluate how data flows through your system and identify strengths or opportunities for improvement. At the end of this, you'll get a list of recommendations. We would love for you to work with us to implement those solutions, or you can have your own BI team use them as a roadmap.

Online Learning -

We're in the process of developing a course on how to use the BI lifecycle to improve your use of data or information in making decisions.

Custom Hourly -

We can also do custom education for your existing staff. Rob has taught 100+ analysts how to better use their time in building reports in tools like Excel, Pivot Tables, PowerPivot, PowerBI, Tableau or Crystal Reports. As well as how to find and model data for those tools. If you feel you just need some guidance, this is a great option.

Learn to Data Drive -

When someone gets their driver's license, they don't read a book and jump behind the wheel. They usually have to spend time on the road with someone who knows what they're doing to practice. They get some guidance while learning to master the skill themselves. Rob loves to teach and help new BI developers how to build Results Driven BI Solutions. This is a combination of education and consulting where Rob will help you build parts and you'll help build other parts of a solution. The best way to ensure the information learned is retained.

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